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ROC Compliance

Ministry Of Corporate Affairs allows you to file these forms online also. One is the 'Annual Compliance filing' and second is the 'Other Compliance filing'. Below mentioned are certain events where compliance with the Registrar Of Company (ROC) is necessary.

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Data Protection

Data Protection refers to the set of privacy laws, policies and procedures that aim to minimise intrusion into one's privacy caused by the collection, storage and dissemination of personal data. Personal data generally refers to the information or data which relate to a person who can be identified from that information or data whether collected [...]

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MSME Register

MSME Registration Is Playing Very Important Role For The Small And Medium Business Across India.Numerous Surveys Show That Country’s True Economic Growth Reckoned Not Just On Its Large-Scale Industries And Foreign Investments But Also On Its Small And Medium Level Industries That Also Includes Various Cottage Industries Operating

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A Trademark Is A Recognizable Insignia (please replace this with an easier word), Phrase Or Symbol That Denotes A Specific Product Or Service And Legally Differentiates It From All Other Products. A Trademark Serves To Exclusively Identify A Product Or Service With A Specific Company, And Is A Recognition Of That Company's Ownership Of The [...]

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